Square Video for Instagram & Vine App Reviews

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it wont let me sign out of my vine account is so annoying because i have to delete the app and dowload it again everytime ! pls fix this

"Improved vine sharing" HAHAHAHA

Jk about the improved vine sharing!!! It doesnt work!!!! Let me log in to my vine account pls


its a good app but has been glitching and not working properly lately

Please fix fade out!

I love this app, I really do. I use it to upload my video edits to vine. But one thing it does is chop off the ending milliseconds of my video so I have to do tons of trial and error to get the audio to loop on vine correctly. If it didnt remove the ending bit of my videos that would be great..!

Works great

Fast rendering, saves to camera roll just like I want. 30 seconds for edits is a decent amount of time but a minute would be better. Works great though thanks

plz add all the channels!

Please add the anime category to the list of channels! I enjoy using this app bc it leaves my vids in relatively good quality but Id like to be able to add my posts to the anime category as well

Best edit app FOR BOARDERS

I absolutely love this app and its border fx and filters but literally the only downside is that the app takes 100+ MB in storage

Good app

Honestly, would be a 5 out of 5 if it was updated to include the anime channel on vine

Fix The Quality!!!

PLEASE fix the quality!! I thought it was Vines issue at first, but now Ive realized its Square Video. If my video is in 1080p, it should upload in 1080p. Reading the other reviews, you should all know by now that many people care about the quality of the content they create. If there was an option for zero stars, Id use it.


THANKS FOR THE ONE MINUTE UPDATE I AM GRATEFUL! But the app does crash excessively and my videos dont show up in the camera roll when choosing a video a lot of the time!!


Good lord is this a joke the uploading quality to vine got 9383838x worse STOPPP


Every single time this app updates it glitches. Ex. Apparently you fixed vine uploading but it wont let me log out of my vine account to post on a different user. Please try and fix something without ruining another ability on the app.

quality problems

im so disappointed with the quality. i dont know if its vine to blame or squarevideo but you keep releasing updates saying quality is fixed but its not. please fix this and i mean really fix this. its terrible

Please fix

This app was working perfectly for me, but now it keeps freezing when I try to upload to vine. Please fix this.

bye kyz ew



quality is the worse when i upload to vine. if it could go lower than one star i would rate it that.


I used to love this app so much. It would upload my edits on vine with good quality but after the update the app has let me down. The quality is just awful! It makes my videos look horrible. Please, on behalf of everyone on vine, fix the quality!


Cant even upload to vine, please fix

New Update - wont work

Ever since the new update, its making me do these four steps in order to upload my edit to vine, and theyre extremely unclear and dont work. And now I can upload my vine. If anyone can help, thatd be great.

it wont post my vines

I didnt pay for this app for it to not work. Every time I try to post to vine, itll load a little and then say "share error." so I cant upload. It used to work great and now its worthless.

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